what is creative hustle?

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to help young creatives and techies of colour grow.

Through awarding micro-grants, we aim to plant seeds to help young creative and techies progress further in their craft or discipline.

Open to creatives of colour across the country, Creative Hustle will award grants of up to £500 several times a year to a select number of individuals.

why people of colour?

The elephant in the room is that it is harder for people of colour to get opportunities in the creative and tech industries.

Our goal is for everyone to have an equal chance to participate. We believe that contributing in this particular way, combined with the efforts of other amazing initiatives trying to tackle this area, we can make this happen.

The Creative Hustle will not make everyone happy, and that’s fine.

who is it for?

These micro-grants will be for all creatives, technologists & wanna-be makers. (Ages between 18 - 30)

We are willing to support collectives if they have supporting evidence of being active for more than 6 months.

what will we fund?

Equipment: Cameras, tripods, lighting, laptops, stationary etc.

Software: Adobe Creative Suite Tools, Digital Design tools, CAD, video editing software, music making etc.

Education: University, coding & design boot-camps, short courses, music making etc.

Conferences/events: Funding towards tickets and passes to attend cultural events and industry conferences.

who are your supporters?

Comuzi & ustwo Adventure